Adi Lerer

Adi talking

Adi's research interests are in socially engaged art, different artistic methods, and the role of art institutions as civic institutions. More particularly she is looking at the curator's responsibility towards its constituents and the mediation of information. In 2019 she completed her MA in Exhibition Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. Her writing focuses on topics such as participatory art in socially engaged practice; the relationship between artists, museums and constituents; and investigations into exhibitions as research, and processes of social engagement.


Previously Adi worked for the British Council drama & dance team and at the National Gallery development & events team. She also draws on her performance background.


Actions during lockdown

“Collecting Cultures” is a project that engages with refugees and asylum seekers through art classes via Zoom and is delivered in collaboration with the British Red Cross Merseyside & Manchester. The initial impetus was to decrease isolation, enable connection with each other and with art and culture, and to give a sense of place.


Weekly classes have been running since 24th April. We explore the historical narrative of a particular Liverpool gallery or museum, its collection and a specific exhibition. We find one or two artworks/objects as a trigger for a wider exploration of the effect of cultural narratives on art and vice versa and how it relates to us now. We also have creative output as a response– for instance submitting photographs to “Open Eye Stories”:


Once institutions reopen, class members will hopefully have the confidence to visit, a sense of ownership of the place, and a feeling that it is relevant to them. And if not, we should ask why.